How to organise a business event?

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Do you want to organise a company event but don’t know how to do it, and more importantly, why do it?

Below we will give you the answers to these and other questions, so that your corporate event ends up being a complete success and thanks to it, your company and your contacts grow at an impressive rate.

Open your eyes, maybe a corporate event will completely change the course of your company, here we go!

What is a corporate event?

A corporate event is a gathering of an organisation’s staff for a variety of purposes. Whether it is to expand the training of employees or managers, the celebration of a business anniversary or a simple shareholder meeting, all these days are called corporate events or company events.

Evento empresarial organizadopor G20Regardless of the size of your company, holding a corporate event can bring many more advantages than you think, from making yourself known to potential clients, strengthening your corporate image, and even creating strong relationships and bonds, which in a short time, your company’s results and income will possibly reflect the relationships cultivated in that corporate event.

This happens because you relate in such a direct way with potential customers and partners that you increase their confidence and they end up betting on your brand.

Types of events

However, depending on the characteristics of the event, it will meet some objectives or others, so we have made a small list to serve as inspiration and you can choose the one that best suits your business strategy.

  • Seminars and conferences, the aim of this type of event is to offer information about your company, a new product or service, working methods of your brand, etc., and in addition, seminars usually include interactive activities for the public to participate. They can last from a couple of hours to several days, depending on the organising company and its interests.
  • Trade fairs, it is always very enriching to attend at least one every year, where you can broaden your knowledge of your sector, discover new technological processes and current trends.
  • Training events, with the main objective that employees acquire knowledge or skills on a certain subject. In addition, it is very important to create group dynamics and teamwork to foster camaraderie.
  • Meetings and general meetings usually serve to propose new strategies and objectives, as well as, of course, to report on results or achievements.
  • Videoconferencing, due to the current context, you have probably had to do more than one videoconference! It has many benefits as you do not need to travel, you save time and effort, and it helps you to focus your objectives and your conference better, as you only pay attention to your oral expression.


Event organisation keys

There are many factors, details and objectives to take into account when organising your corporate event, too many I would say!

No one in your company has the time and knowledge to do it? Take note! We take care of everything!


Having the necessary technology is very important, especially for videoconferencing! At G20 Corporation, we have reinvented ourselves to facilitate, once again, your meetings and corporate events with our streaming mode. Thanks to which we have technicians, devices and technology adapted to your videoconferences so that there are no technical problems, no connectivity problems, and even less image or sound problems!


Choosing the right place where the event will take place, since it is obviously necessary to take into account the number of attendees expected and, above all, whether the event is designed for them to interact or just listen to the speaker. In addition, the ergonomics of the chairs or seats is essential to ensure the comfort of the attendees.


Adapt the budget, based on your objectives, strategy and capacity to assume expenses, obviously. This point is key so that your corporate event does not turn into a real waste of time and money, because it is very easy for the organisation to get out of hand!


Communication strategy, i.e. how you will let everyone know that your corporate event is going to take place, is just as important as the content that will be presented, because if there are no guests, no speakers and no attendees, your objectives will be impossible to achieve.


Applying for permits, as it is often necessary to apply for all the necessary licences in order to develop everything successfully.


Catering, if the event in question requires drinks, snacks or food for the attendees’ break times, catering and deciding what you are going to offer is essential for the attendees to feel comfortable.

As you can see, there are too many aspects to take into account and to detail, when planning a business event, we know that all this can take away your sleep, and work overtime, and sometimes even unnecessarily! Because at G20Corporation, we take care of EVERYTHING!

Yes, yes, as you read it, we create and organise your tailor-made corporate event, with everything you need to achieve your goals, and always, taking care of your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us because, after years of experience in organising all kinds of corporate events, we guarantee that with our help, you will only have to worry about enjoying the event.

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