How to organise an online event?

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Nowadays, given the difficult situation we are living, it is essential to reinvent ourselves and adapt to the so famous “new normality”, and even more so in the events sector.  Online events have emerged as an alternative to face-to-face events and are here to stay.

¿Cómo organizar un evento online?They are more and more demanded and accepted by society. At the moment they are one of the best communication tools for brands and a very good alternative to keep in touch with our customers, but it is also normal that we have doubts about a topic that is still quite unknown to many. If you want to know everything you need to know to organize an online event, read on.

How to organize a virtual event?

Probably when you read this question, you will automatically think that it is something very complex and that you must have a lot of knowledge about new technologies, etc., but organizing a virtual event is not so different from managing a face-to-face one.

First of all you should stop and think about:

  1. What type of event do you want?
  2. Where do you want to celebrate?
  3. What is your budget?

Once you have this defined, you can move on to the organization of your virtual event and for that there is nothing better than following a planning. 

This will ensure that nothing goes wrong. In addition, you will have all the members of your team under control and divided according to the needs of the event at all times so that the organization is perfect.

Steps for organization:

  1. The first thing to do is to set the objectives and, of course, the strategy to follow to achieve them, exactly as we would do in a face-to-face event.
  2. Then you must find out about the technological platforms you need and select the one that will allow you to extrapolate your idea to the virtual world. You should not overlook this process, since selecting a good technology is essential for everything to go well and nothing goes wrong.
  3. The next step would be to design and create interesting and useful content for your target audience. If this content is attractive to them, you will get more interaction.
  4. When all this is done, we will move on to its dissemination and promotion in the channels where our audience is located.
  5. Once the event has taken place, the only thing left to do is to measure the results obtained and evaluate its profitability. The parameters that should always be measured are:
    • the number of attendees we have had,
    • their participation,
    • Satisfaction
    • Abandonment rate

Of course, you can add to these those metrics that are of value to you or your company.


Benefits and Damages:

Like all types of events, all have benefits and disadvantages, the choice to carry them out will always be in your hands, so here we leave you a list where you can know all of them and assess whether or not online events are the best option for you.


    • Virtual events are generally more economical, because production costs are lower than in face-to-face events.
    • They have greater reach and accessibility, as you can connect from anywhere in the world.
    • The results are fully measurable, unlike face-to-face events where some aspects are more confusing to measure. This will provide us with much more data that we can later use for other marketing actions.


    • In this type of event it is not possible to interact face-to-face with the attendees, which means that we cannot establish the bonds of trust that we would have in a face-to-face event.
    • It is more complicated to keep the audience’s attention and get them to participate and interact.
    • This type of event cannot reach those people who are not familiar with technology and therefore do not make use of it.

G20, online event organiser

At G20 Corporation we are experts in the organisation of face-to-face and virtual events, always offering the best proposals to each client. We have more than 35 years of experience behind us and a team of experts to achieve the best results for your event.

Our way of working is characterised by being close and totally personalised to each project. We support our clients in achieving the objectives they set for their events, placing special emphasis on the analysis, design and even provoking a sense of perfection in those attending the event.

In addition, we have a production company with a director and 4 cameras, as well as the necessary technological tools, so that all participants can enjoy and see what is happening live at all times.

We organise your event from 0

How do we do it?

To get to this point, in the case of the organisation of online events, we follow a series of guidelines so that coordination, both internally and with our clients and suppliers, is optimal and, in this way, achieve the best results.


The first thing we do when a client contacts us is to study the brief in detail with them.

To know the project in depth, the objectives and the brand differentiation of each company or client that they want to transmit at the event.


Once we have the briefing ready, we start to develop a document called a rundown. In this document we detail everything that is going to happen in the event, detailing even the smallest event. Of course, this document must be approved by the client before validating it.


When all this is ready, a few days before the date of the event, we carry out a rehearsal to check that everything is perfect and that everything fits perfectly.


We also take care of its dissemination through all the necessary channels. Normally this dissemination is done through the social networks of each client, but in the event that the client does not have social networks, they can use G20’s own social networks or disseminate the event online on their own website. Of course.

Celebration of the event

During the celebration of the event itself, we have a person in charge of each area, sound, lighting and/or streaming, as well as a general coordinator who will make sure that everything goes as planned.

Results Report

Once the event is over, we prepare a document for the client that summarises all the post-event data on visits, connections, audience interactions, etc.

Of course during this whole process we are constantly meeting with all the participants in the organisation of this event, from the client and suppliers, to all the internal team involved, so that we are all working in the same direction.

Another alternative we offer are hybrid events, where part of the audience would be present in person and the other part would follow the event virtually. These events allow us to reduce the capacity and thus comply with all the measures to ensure the health of all.

If you are thinking of organising an online event, contact us and we will advise and guide you through the whole process, so that your event is a success, we take care of everything.

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